Welcome to Treetop Adventure Nature Park!

Your Safety is our No.1 Priority!

We admit adventure seekers who fit the safety restrictions and physical considerations of our zip line rides. Let’s enjoy Treetop Adventure and be safe!

  • Attend the safety briefing.
  • Kids should be at least  (3 ft and 6 inches tall) for slow-paced rides; and (4 ft tall) or older for fast-paced activities.
  • As a Cardinal Rule, guests are required to wear comfortable clothes and avoid loose articles and personal belongings. Women wearing skirts, dresses,shorts (more than 2 inches above the knee) or plunging necklines is NOT ALLOWED. 
  • All tickets are non-refundable / non-replaceable when lost. Exceptions to this rule are in cases of extreme weather conditions, and ride maintenance without proper notice. In such cases, tickets can be revalidated up to three (3) months from date of purchase for the same ride.
  • Alcoholic beverages as well as any form of illegal drugs and weapons are not allowed inside the Treetop Adventure property.  Management reserves the right to refuse entry of guests as they see fit.
  • To maintain the friendly atmosphere in the park, any offensive and rude behavior or language is not allowed.
  • Do not leave valuables unattended. Treetop Adventure is not responsible for any lost or stolen valuables.
  • Pets are not allowed throughout the park, and cannot accompany the guest in the ride. Management can refuse the entry of guests with pets that may seem harmful or disrupt other guests.
  • Smoking is not allowed in the forest and during rides.
  • Upon entering Treetop Adventure, guests also consent to the use of his or her photograph / video for the park’s promotional advertising without payment.
  • For the safety and comfort of our guests, park rules may change without notice. Please approach our Guest Service Counter near the Cashier or any of our Staff for assistance or clarifications you may need.