Tree Top Adventure
Baguio Branch:

Special Economic Zone, Camp John Hay, Loakan Road, Baguio City (Beside Bell House Museum)
Tel. No. (074) 442-0800
Mobile Nos. 0932 744 9594,
0932 783 2137


Person to look for:         
(Sales & Marketing Assistant Officers) 
Mr. Donald Estrada:
0932 744 9594          
Mr. Jim Bocanog:
0932 783 2137

We invite you to experience nature tripping from a breathtaking view – from 100 feet above the ground! With jungle trails comprised of platforms nestled on branches, suspension bridges, and the world’s first motorized canopy tour, what we offer is more than just the peak of excitement.


Learn new things; with fresh eyes, we encourage you to explore. Find inner peace as you go through a natural sanctuary hidden by foliage. Or at the very least, conquer your fear of heights. Tree Top Adventure offers each one a personal journey, with unforgettable memories as dense as the forest that you won’t help but feel closer to the ones you take this most marvelous trip with.