Adventures for your family or corporate team!

Our Team Building Facilities are unique and the first of its kind in the Philippines. Tree Top offers 12 team games at TREE TOP SUBIC, and 8 team games at TREE TOP BAGUIO.

Enjoy tons of fun with your family and friends, and build adventure-filled memories under the cover of tree canopies.

The package includes facilitators, team building kits (name tags, arm bands, and materials to be used for the chosen activities) and company certificates of participation.

Dragon Boat

(at Subic branch only)
Synchronize your paddle strokes to the finish line to test your teamwork, and leadership skills while sitting on a mechanized dragon boat

Gem Drop

Hone your coordination skills to accomplish a perfect cube drop using push and pull strategies in the fastest time possible

Team Lanyard

(at Subic branch only)
Team members join hands to cross ropes. This requires balance and coordination to ensure a safe and quick traverse.

Bar Lifter Balancer

A bar lifting challenge that also requires marbles be balanced in bars; a fun game that tests your team’s patience and coordination skills.

Loop Lift

Using only your index fingers, each team member tries to lower a loop until a certain height, practicing team patience and coordination.

Dance Revo

(at Subic branch only)
Get in sync in a dancing challenge which makes use of lights, electronic buttons, and pre-programmed dance moves.

Team See Saw

Strike a balance in the fastest time using a kamikaze-inspired see saw to test your patience, and communication skills

Multi-Line Traverse

(at Subic branch only)
Cross a rope bridge with your team in the shortest time possible, a strategy game that will test your balance and trust in your teammates.

Team Wall

(at Subic branch only)
Climb over a 15 foot wall without any equipment except your team’s strategy and problem solving skills.

Spike Valley

(at Subic branch only)
Move across platforms using only a metal rod and cross the finish line in the shortest time possible, without landing on the spikes!

Team Cycling

Bike your way through a computer-generated trail consisting of climbs and drops. Put your leadership skills to the test as your team races for time or against other teams.

Centipede Pedal

Using wooden planks as feet, race your team through a course in the fastest time. Exercise team coordination, or everyone falls to the ground!

ABC Game

(at Baguio branch only)
Team members are blind folded forming two lines back to back with their team mates. Each member says one letter from the alphabet, as the team tries to recite all the letters in proper sequence.


(at Baguio branch only)
Team members are given pipes which they would use to transfer a ping pong ball from one station to another without letting the ball fall to the ground.

Plank Step

(at Baguio branch only)
Team members must travel from one station to another without touching the floor using only the planks provided.

Treasure Hunt

(at Baguio branch only)
Team members are given pieces of a map that they need to form to see the bigger picture and determine the location of the treasure.

Pick the team adventure you want to experience!

Activity Package 1

  • Choose 8 activities + Boodle Lunch

Activity Package 2

  • Choose 12 activities + Boodle Lunch


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