Tree Top Adventure VIP event at Glorietta Activity Center Makati on April 23-26, 2015

On April 23-26, 2015 at Glorietta Activity Center in Makati, Tree Top Adventure in partnership with Wrangler will have a VIP event featuring the Tree Top Adventure Celebrity Brand Ambassador- Sam YG. Visit the booth, take photos and upload it to any of our Social Media accounts and instantly receive prizes.

Selected VIPs will have a chance to join the team also and watch the new Avengers movie.

Take your team building to the next level at Tree Top Adventure. With a variety of twelve (12) motorized team building activities, one would surely be physically and mentally challenged.

Tree Top Adventure offers not just the only motorized zipline in the Philippines but also the 1st motorized team building facility in the Philippines. The team building activities were designed to engage values such as coordination and communication which can be exercised in groups. One motorized team building activity is the “Dragon Boat” in which the members must synchronize their strokes to finish the course faster. One might also try the “Dance Revo” in which the members must complete a certain dance sequence in the shortest time possible. Take note, the group cannot move on to the next step until each member is correct with the sequence. One activity that would surely challenge a group’s teamwork is the “Team Lanyard” in which the members must join hands and cross the rope the shortest time possible. A group will have a hard time crossing if the members do not coordinate well with each other.
Apart from the Dragon Boat, Dance Revo and Team Lanyard, there are nine more motorized team building facilities that Tree Top offers.

To know more about these, join us on April 23-26, 2015 at Tree Top Adventure VIP event at Glorietta activity center in Makati. You could also contact 09166299381. You might want to visit our website To be more updated, search us on Facebook (treetopadventurecamp) and follow us on Instagram (@tree_top_adventure) and Twitter (@TreeTopPH).